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Enjoy iMoney -- A Balance between Money and Happiness
Enjoy Money Rules will help to find JOY during Financial Struggle.
[Happiness] Budget for happiness
Happiness is a choice, using your money on the point you can feel happy. With the meaningful stars of categories, you will feel happiness is being with you
  [Comfortable] Saving for a rainy day/goals
Put some money aside for the rainy day, you will feel comfortable. Or saving money(striving) for a meaning goal will make you feel happy. When it comes to true you will have more money.
[Freedom] Let yourself be free
[No debt] These days, being in debt is almost considered normal. Here is a way to control debt and get out of debt fast. [Investment] Tracking your investment and making your money work better for you.
  [Surprise] Enjoy budget buffer
Under Enjoy Money rules, Budget buffer will be a surprise that you can enjoy. Budget buffer will keep you on your budgeting happily.
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I Know iMoney -- Get a full picture of your financial,

so you can control your money, and control your life.

Complete Financial Picture
Income/Expense of each month

Budgets are not about spending as little as possible.

“Budget for happiness” means we should make a budget for happiness,

for meaningful things, for improving ourselves.

Give meaning stars to categories
Income Pool
Money overflow
Enjoy Budget buffer

Reminders -- keep on top of Happiness, overspendings, bills and payments


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  • I just wanted to say that I really like the iMoney soft program. I am a former user of XXXX and XXXX. I think this program beats them all. It's simple, but powerful. It's also not loaded with advertisements and junk. Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully develop this program.
  • It’s a great tool, with quite an attractive interface.
  • So far I love iMoney. It really has helped me to start actually budgeting and keep track of my finances, mostly because of how easy it is.


  • For anyone who finds they've always got more going out than coming in but can't work out why, iMoney is an ideal tool for the non accountants out there. by Nick Mead come from softonic.com
  • iMoney gives users an opportunity to manage every aspect of their financial world, from mortgage payments to budgeting their hair appointments for the year. Reviewed by: CNET staff on March 24, 2009

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